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Bob Lancer's
Marriage Seminars

Why break-up when you can breakthrough...
the barriers to intimacy, harmony, respect, communication and cooperation that have been frustrating you?


Bob Lancer's unique breakthrough approach to communication will help you to finally stop arguing and solve problems through conscious, compassionate speaking and listening.


Bob Lancer's unique, breakthrough approach to understanding how your mind impacts your relationships will teach you how to think about yourself, your mate and your marriage for your fulfillment.


Every marriage has its challenges, and a difficult person comes into your life when it is time for you to grow.  Learn how individuals unconsciously sabotage their chances for a genuine, fulfilling relationship by resisting their own growth process, and how you can avoid doing that to fully enjoy the love of your life.


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Some Of What Participants Learn

How you and your mate relate has a profound impact on how your children behave and on the kinds of relationships they form and gravitate toward. When Mom and Dad are not getting along well, it is virtually impossible for Junior to behave well. (If you are contending with a difficult child-behavior challenge, one place to focus on just might be your marriage.)


Learn how to resolve conflicts, improve communication and cooperation, renew and deepen intimacy as you recognize your own previously unconscious blocks to peace, love and happiness. 


Recognize and overcome limiting relationship patterns you learned from your own parents.

Learn how to relate in a more emotionally balanced, conscious way and leave behind unconscious, emotionally unbalanced, destructive reactions to your spouse.


Discover how you may be unconsciously causing yourself to feel unhappy and unworthy and then blaming your mate for how you feel.    


Understand what to do with your inevitable bouts with marital discord, anger, unhappiness and strain to avoid  turning those into more damaging problems; learn how to turn them instead into valuable learning and growth experiences for you and for your relationship.


Did you know that your mate is not responsible for how you think about him/her? Holding onto a disappointing, frightening or frustrating vision or concept of your mate or your marriage demonstrates a painful, counter-productive unconscious pattern of your own that undermines the positive potential of the relationship.  Learn how to release yourself from those negative mental and emotional patterns so you can find your way back to love.


Learn how to say "No" with love to avoid doing too much out of a false sense of obligation, compromising your core values, living untrue to yourself, and then slipping into unconscious and destructive passive-aggression.


Learn how to better handle your emotions for more constructive, and less destructive, speech, thought and action.


Learn how to resolve issues of distrust and heal past hurts by recognizing how you hold onto a painful past to punish yourself; and how to move into deeper levels of real forgiveness and gratitude. 


Discover how you create the dissatisfying results and experiences you are having in your relationship, and what to do to release yourself to greater love.


Learn how to raise your mate!  Come on, admit it. You want your mate to be better looking, more considerate, more reasonable and responsible, a better communicator, more
charming socially, more aligned with you spiritually.

In this marriage seminar or inspiring relationship wisdom keynote learn how to relate with your mate in ways that support his or her fulfillment of
greater potential and see how you may have been
unconsciously undermining your
satisfaction in your marriage.


"The fact isif you are not getting what you want,  
you are functioning in ways that keep you from receiving it." Bob Lancer


Call 770-364-9580 or e-mail  for more information or to arrange to have this wisdom-rich, beautiful and inspiring, seminar or
speaking engagement presented at your site.


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Bob Lancer's hugely popular book:
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