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(Providing these seminars to employees who are parents supports the bottom line by helping them to produce the peace at home that permits them to produce at their highest levels at work.)

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"Bob Lancer is the guru of parent temper-control." WXIA TV News


Presenting Montessori-Based Parenting Wisdom For Peacefully Leading Your Child Toward Responsible Self-Development, Self-Reliance, And Caring, Considerate Self-Conduct


End draining power-struggles! Learn how to calmly and competently lead your child into healthy, happy, responsible self-direction at home, in school, and in public settings. 


Frustrated by common challenges like whining, arguing, sibling rivalry, non-compliance, dawdling, expressions of disrespect? Learn how to handle these challenges successfully, in a calm, loving, healthy way.  


Solve and avoid problems with hyperactivity, aggression, poor motivation, weak focus of attention, school behavior problems.


Support your child's development of healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.


Forget about time-outs; what your child needs is time-in; that is, time with you or another loving, responsible caretaker close by to keep his/her behavior on track; this works so much better than you reacting with frustration when your child's behavior veers off-track.   


Gain a clear and in-depth understanding of the causes behind your child's behavior and attitude and how you can calmly and competently lead your child into more responsible self-motivation, self-control, and self-direction. 


Some of What Participants Learn


You really can stop yelling, arguing, pleading, nagging, spanking and endlessly repeating yourself and achieve more satisfying results with your child.


Learn how those straining modes of parenting are unhealthy drains that demoralize you (and your child) and why they fail to lead your child into more responsible behaviors.


Children who feel basically secure and happy behave better than those who feel insecure and unhappy. Learn how to parent harmoniously to support your child's emotional balance and security, leading your child into improved self-direction.


Your child is not responsible for how you react. Learn how to take responsibility for your responses to overcome your own unhappy, frustrated, stressful emotional reactions that make parenting so much more difficult and unpleasant than it needs to be.


Paying attention effectively is a learned skill. Learn how to develop the quality of attention that you pay to your chld to accurately recognize the form of response your child actually needs from you in the moment to demonstrate and develop positive behavior.


Discover how parents unwittingly lead (or mislead) their children into more serious forms of problematic behavior through superficial attention and the hasty judgment following from it. Merely giving orders and stating rules may actually drive your child into more disorderly, unruley and rebellious conduct.  


Learn the natural laws of child behavior, including The Law of Reflection. According to this law, children become like those they spend time with.  See how to improve your child's behavior by improving the example that you set, and understand how you cannot effectively improve a child's behavior without improving your own first.


Learn how to listen to your child in a way that teaches your child to listen to you. Learn how to speak to your child in a way that teaches your child to speak respectfully.


Learn how to the quality of your relationship with your child's other parent (spouse or x-spouse) impacts your child's behavior and relationships, and how to improve the quality of your adult relationships to bring out your child's best behavior and relationship skills.


Learn how to work effectively with love, and without anger or stress, with a complicated or troubled child. 


Learn how to better manage your time and balance your life to provide your child with the close, loving, patient involvement she needs from you to feel and do her best.


Learn how to consistently nurture the sacred bond between you and your child that you both crave, and understand how that fulfills your core-responsibility in leading your child into healthy, responsible self-conduct throughout life.


Uncover and support your child's natural gifts and glorious potential.


"It's all about raising ourselves to better raise our children." Bob Lancer


However your child behaves gives you an opportunity to
improve your responses for better results.


Through parent self-discipline you can lose irritation,
disappointment, frustration and impatience.


By simply practicing being self-aware during your interactions with your child you
will find better ways of working with your child.


A child's challenging behvior calls upon the parents to grow.


"If you are arguing, yelling, pleading, losing your temper or endlessly repeating yourself you are CHOOSING to work way too hard." Bob Lancer


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