Click on the video to the right to view an informal group coaching session to independent professionals, in which Bob Lancer shares his Pyramid Networking Secrets: How to network your way to individuals of higher influence, avoiding the resistance that defeats most people.

Personal Development
Coaching, Seminars, Keynotes

Bob Lancer's inspiring, enlightening, life-transforming programs

Lead individuals into
healthy, happy, higher levels of achievement


These powerful motivational keynotes and seminars produce real change in audiences around the world at conferences, association meetings, schools, and businesses.


Participants emerge with more than motivation!
They have a clear understanding of how to make a positive shift in their perspective
that permits greater possibilities to take shape in both their personal and professional lives. 


Topics Include:

The Power Of Life-Balance

Conscious Communication Power

Delightfully Dealing With Difficult People

Teambuilding and Leadership Training

The Secrets To Spectacular Goal-Achievement

Learning How To Grow With Change

How To Live And Work With Total Inspiration

Overcome Stress and Master Anxiety

How To Network Your Way To The Top

Amazing Time Mastery (How to accomplish more in less time without rush)


Call 770-364-9580 or e-mail Bob Lancer for more information,
or to discuss your specific needs for a presentation designed just for you.


Some Of What Participants Learn

Discover what obstacles and adversities are teaching you, because as you learn these lessons, they transform into open doors of opportunity.


Learn the natural laws of goal-setting and achievement so you can work with them, instead of ignorantly against them, to receive the support of the universe.


Learn how to harness the power of happiness to create the life you want and overcome self-defeating emotions and mindsets.


Integrate deeper levels self-awareness with profound understanding of how life works, to fulfill your higher potential, satisfy your sense of purpose, and create the life you truly want for yourself and your family.


Learn how to build healthy, mutually supportive relationships that empower, uplift, inspire and enlighten you.


Learn how to create your own economy and become unstoppable through the power of balanced living.


Learn how to live in inspiration instead of drudgery. 


As you let go of the same old resistance and negative emotional reactions to your challenges, you permit higher possibilities to unfold naturally in your life. 


Avoid the common mistake most make, which is to resist what is happening when it appears to conflict with your desires or expectations. Learn instead how to trust life's flow to enter the greater life that you've been seeking.


Learn how to work with the natural, inevitable up-and-down cycles of life for continual progress toward your true goals.


Learn how to harness the creative power of your feelings, actions, speech, thoughts, relationships and environments for faster goal-achievement.


Learn how to accomplish more without destructive anxiety, rush, impatience, frustration. 


Recognize the influence of your personal life upon your business life, and how to bring the two into greater alignment for a more successful and fulfilling balanced life. 


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