How To Heal Regret:
Appreciate The Gift


Everything we do sets into motion a wheel of life that brings back consequences.


Sometimes the consequence is regret.


Do you see regret as a negative experience? To heal regret appreciate it as a gift.


We try to reject regret when we believe that we should not be feeling it.


It hurts and we think we are not supposed to suffer.


We also beat ourselves up over regret because we believe that we should already have known better. 


But the purpose of life is to learn better and better ways of living through the experiences that follow our choices, and regret is one of our best teachers.


We would all love to live without the pain of regret and many attempt to live without it through repression, defensiveness, numbness, distraction. But that just prevents us from learning the lesson of regret, prevents us from growing into our higher potential.  It stunts our growth.  It condemns us to stay at the level we were on. 


To experience regret means that you have attained a higher level of life-wisdom and understanding compared to the level you were on when you chose to commit yourself to that now embarrassing deed.  


When you regret what you have done interpret your regret as a sign of your attainment of a higher level.  The light you were living in at the time now seems like darkness because you have achieved a higher level of enlightenment.  Celebrate that!


Feel the sorrow that comes with regret.  But also realize that you are no longer that same self.  Think now of how you wish you were and be that now.


Seeing how your action hurt someone and how that hurt you gives you the pain of regret, but there is nothing wrong with that pain.  Feel it.  Accept it. However you truly feel is okay. Trust that it is okay to feel exactly how you feel.  This turns even the most negative state into a positive.


The pain of regret is the pain of shrinking pride.  As your pride shrinks the truer, greater light of your true nature expands its splendor.  Your holiness is radiant.


As you live in the pain of regret you allow the pain to be.  Gradually it transforms into love.  


Grieve over your mistakes but celebrate your regret!


The more severe your regret the more valuable the lesson, the more extreme your rise in enlightenment and liberation - liberation from the need to repeat what you now regret.


Your regrets are the jewels of greater wisdom and compassion that you have earned through successfully climbing life’s ladder of wisdom and understanding. 


The pain of regret is the pain of breaking an old pattern.  Just because regrets hurt, just because they feel uncomfortable, does not make them wrong to experience.  Sometimes passing through some pain is necessary for a larger gain.


Give yourself the freedom to experience all the pain of regret that surfacesyour consciousness.  Feel as badly about what you did as you feel.  There is nothing at all wrong with that feeling.  Tell yourself that it is really okay to feel this.  You won’t regret it.


Appreciate the gift of regret.  It is setting you free to set better wheels in motion in your destiny.

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