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Master Your Mind, Master Your Life 


One of our major tasks in life, if we are to live life to the fullest, is to harness the vast creative power of our minds. 


Instead of permitting circumstances to dictate what you think, you can direct your mind to dictate your circumstances. 


Thus, the parent who notices himself resentfully thinking of his child as an uncaring person can deliberately let go of that thought in order to avoid contributing to that possibility becoming a reality.


The more attention you give to a thought, the more reality you give to that thought. 


By redirecting the focus of your attention from what you think to how you feel, you can avoid giving more reality to a thought you do not want to live in.  


Paying close attention to your thoughts and feelings reveals that your feelings shape your thoughts. 


When you feel inspired, encouraged, hopeful you envision scenes in your head that support those feelings. 


When you feel anxious, discouraged or frustrated your mind engages in mental scenes that support those feelings. 


To shift your thinking, shift your feeling.  Do this by redirecting attention from what you are thinking onto what you are feeling. 


Then you can gradually improve how you feel and, by so doing, liberate your mind from creative thinking that sends you into the very circumstances that you want to escape or avoid.


Before you can effectively direct the creative power of the mind, you must experience a profound awakening.


You must awaken from the dream that convinces you that your circumstances are the cause of how you think about your circumstances.


You must awaken from the dream that convinces you that when you think about your circumstances you are actually looking directly at things as they are, rather than at a mental reflection. 


As long as you believe that your circumstances produce your thoughts about your circumstances, you cannot use your thought to produce the circumstances that you want. 


As long as you believe that viewing your thoughts is the same as directly viewing the reality you are presently living in, you cannot withdraw reality from the thoughts you do not want to live in.


Your awakening begins as you recognize the story about your life that you live inside your head. 


You can release from the tragic stories that feed your discouragement, anxiety and humiliation as easily as you can switch from a thought about the stars to a thought about the sky when you realize that you are living in a story about your life that you produce in your mind.


When you see your story as nothing but a story you can let it go, particularly when you see how unhappy it makes you feel.


Whatever you believe to be true about your life is, after all, just a belief.  You can discard beliefs that aren't working. 


But first you must recognize that they are just beliefs about reality, and not reality.

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