A Secret To Winning:
What Do You Have To Lose?


What do you have to lose?  The answer to this question is a secret to winning, a bright secret shrouded in the shadow of loss.


What do you have to lose to win?


Do you have to lose the self-sabotaging pattern of indulging in tragic thoughts of loss?


Do you have to lose the habit of fantasizing sorrowful outcomes, the addiction to telling yourself stories about your life that cause you to live in pathetic feelings like helpless dependency and despair?


What do you have to lose to win?


Your life is perfectly designed to bring you into those losses that help you gain liberation from the patterns that bring them upon you.


Indulging in thoughts of loss and lack bring you loss and lack.  Why?  It happens to teach you about your power to create what happens to you.  That's essentially why everything happens to you.  Your losses are gifts designed to set you free.


Your losses are gifts designed to set you free.  


Every tragic story of loss and lack that you weave for yourself in your mind in is nothing but a story.  When you tell yourself that story you think you are simply reflecting upon the way things are, but what you are really doing is concocting the way things are going to be.


You can see yourself as a loser or you can see yourself as a winner.  It doesn’t matter what your actual circumstances are.  All you know about your circumstances is the thoughts you think about them, the interpretations you give to them, the perspective through which you view them.


You can think about the way things are not working for you or you can think about the way you want things to be.  You can think victim thoughts or you can think victor thoughts.


Your thoughts give you the experience that you are having while you think them.


Sometimes we cannot control our thinking; we become so locked into a painful, negative point of view.  We cannot seem to extricate ourselves from the tragic life story that keeps going around and around in our head, breaking our heart.


We all have to go through those dark and painful times.  If you tell yourself that you can’t take it you make it all the more difficult to pass through.  Tell yourself that can take it and you make the journey through the darkness more passable.


And that journey will pass.  As you pay attention to what you are going through internally, facing your frightening thoughts and painful feelings, you grow stronger in mastery as a creator of your destiny.


The inner pain you feel during times of loss is the pain of your attachments breaking.  That’s the pain of a breaking heart.  Your attachments are breaking, and although that hurts, it’s also setting you free to create a whole new destiny.


As you go through your loss, think about what it is you need to lose to do a better job of living your life, of being a blessing to others and of being a blessing to yourself. 


What mental and emotional patterns, what speech patterns, what action or inaction patterns do you need to be free from to be a better creator and create the life you want?


As you contemplate this question your answers will come, and you will see how the loss that you are going through is helping you to realize what you need to lose to be a better you, to be more of the you that you truly are, more of the you that you are truly meant to be, more of the you that you truly want to be.


You are not losing anything for long but your limitations. You are being given the opportunity to lose what you need to lose to win.

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