How To Win With Negative Critics:

Wisdom of the Sorcerer and his Apprentice


We have all, at one time or another, had someone in our lives who played the role of the negative critic.  This person casts a shadow on your sense of yourself, puts you down, sees you in a negative light, expresses disapproval of you, maybe even mocks you to your face and behind your back.


The wisdom for how to win with negative critics is embedded in the archetypal story of the sorcerer’s apprentice.


Every sorcerer gets an apprentice.  It’s intrinsic to the myth. You find someone to pass on your secrets to. That’s how you keep those secrets coming.


When the apprentice gathers enough secret power from the master, the apprentice is tested for worthiness to become a master.  The test consists of a temptation to turn against the master, because subduing the master, outdoing the master, gets the rest of the master’s power.


Of course, this tract if betrayal is only tried by those apprentices who are unworthy of mastery.  They fall for the temptation to win at their master’s expense, and that casts them out of the running for mastery, ensures that they lose more power than they gain. But it is up to the master to see to it that the apprentice who has chosen a dark path does not succeed in overcoming the light with darkness.


The sorcerer is inevitably faced with this calamity because it is necessary to prod the master into a higher level of light, so in this sense the dark apprentice serves the master’s interest, the way Judas served the plan of Jesus.  By contending against an adversary that knows his intimate secrets the sorcerer must reach for a higher level of light or face annihilation and witness darkness increasing and light decreasing.


The ultimate role of the sorcerer is to advance the light, which only happens as it contends with darkness.  This is the light strengthened.


The light always defeats the darkness, so the sorcerer must choose to utilize higher light rather than tangle in darkness with the betrayer apprentice.  As the sorcerer reaches a higher level of light the apprentice descends into darker darkness by contrast, and thus loses the battle.  The apprentice loses the power gained by seeking more through an act of betrayal.


This demonstrates the way to win with negative critics.  The way to win is to go higher into the light.  Think of yourself in the light, of the light of splendid levels of being.  Surround yourself with thoughts of your splendor, thoughts of yourself literally glowing in pure goodness and beauty.


Transform your personal history by seeing yourself as always giving the highest and the best, always worthy of pure compassion, respect, trust, approval – even reverence.  Look for the good and you will find it.


You did things you regret, but underneath the apparent action was an underlying spiritual quality of innocence, benevolence, sacredness.  Look for and focus only on  that.  Live in the light when anyone comes against you.


This is how to win with a person who casts you in a negative shadow who denigrates you, puts you down, describes what you do as inadequate and wrong.  That person reveals what she is looking for and looking at, not the whole of you, not the TRUE of you.  Don’t contend with that person to try to change her opinion of you, just fortify a positive opinion of yourself.  Look for and see ONLY the good and the beauty that you have been, that you have done, that you have expressed, that you have giving.


Use your negative critic's power to strengthen your light.  Use her darkness to ascend higher into your light.  Use your critic’s denigration to fortify your love of you by redoubling your concentration upon your sacred splendor.

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